Top 5 Ways to Lower the Heat for Winter Hair Care

*contains affiliate links* As you learned in an earlier post about washing your hair, you should avoid using hot water on your hair. If you’re already dealing with more dryness in the winter due to the lack of humidity and cold winds, the last thing you want to do is lose moisture just during your regular hair care routine.

Aside from using cool or lukewarm water to rinse your hair during shampoo and conditioner, there are other ways to reduce heat. This mainly involves your heated styling tools. You should reduce the use of these appliances as much as possible, so here are some other options:

Go for 2-3 day hair
This means styling your hair once with a heated styling tool, like a straightener or curling iron, and then letting it rest for two to three days. Since you rarely wash your hair anyway, this shouldn’t be a problem. Try not to mix two types of appliances, either straightening with a straightening iron or using a curling iron. Using both is overkill and really hard on your dry winter hair.

Styling hack: If you have straight or wavy hair and like curls, use the curling iron on the first day once it’s dry, but don’t brush it out. Curl the curls a little with your fingers, but leave them alone for the most part. This will allow you to keep your curls a little longer, with some wave left on day 3.


Use an ionic hair dryer
If you’re someone with curly hair, you probably don’t use a curling iron as often as someone with other hair types. However, if you want to use a hair dryer to avoid leaving the house with wet hair, switch to an ionic hair dryer with a diffuser. This will reduce frizz and prevent your hair from getting too dry.

Try other hair drying methods

Just because you don’t want to leave the house with soaking wet hair doesn’t mean you have to use a hair dryer! There are plenty of ways to dry your hair without spending hours air drying. Try wrapping your head in something that will dry your hair better than a towel, but won’t cause frizz. Two popular options are using a cotton t-shirt as a head covering or a special hair towel made of microfiber material.

Find some cute heatless hairstyles

Last but not least, now it’s time to experiment with different hairstyles. Remember, you don’t always want to wear your hair in the same hairstyles as other times of the year. In fact, it may be snowing, raining or particularly windy in the winter, so you may be better off wearing a hat or cap. If this is the case, it’s time to wear cute braided hairstyles. Braids keep your hair from getting dry and frizzy and reduce how much heat styling you actually have to do.

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