Top 4 Makeup Tips for the Winter Season

In winter, you’re dealing with a different climate, which affects how your skin reacts. This includes how you look with makeup. Here are some makeup tips to follow in the winter when temperatures start to drop.

Moisturize your skin before applying makeup.

Although this is something you should do every day regardless of the weather or season, it’s even more important in the winter. You need to apply a moisturizer every day to protect your skin and replenish the moisture it is often deprived of by the cold, dry wind. Apply a moisturizer under your makeup every morning so you know you’ve applied it without worrying too much about it later in the day. Using a moisturizer with SPF will also help you maintain your sun protection.

Try a light coverage

One great benefit of winter is that you don’t need to apply too much makeup. In fact, it’s even better if you don’t. You may like to wear darker colors during the fall season, but when winter comes, think about a lighter coverage. Use as light a foundation as possible to achieve the coverage you want. You don’t have to give up makeup completely, but try not to reach for the heavy stuff. That’s often too heavy for your sensitive skin in the winter. Get 15% Off Flowercolor Natural Liquid Foundation with Code FOUNDATION15

Avoid products that are too drying

If you’ve been using the same makeup products for a while, you probably know which products are drying and which aren’t. Now is the perfect time to ditch any cosmetics that tend to dry out your face. This could be your regular concealer, foundation, blush, bronzer or powder. Your skin already struggles with dryness throughout the cold season, so you definitely don’t want to make it worse. Contact your local makeup department if you need something with a little more hydration.

Use a primer

The last thing you should do is use a primer under your foundation or powder. Primer can be applied over your moisturizer once it has dried. This provides a smoother finish and can also provide more protection for your skin, reducing wind burn, redness and dehydration from being outside in the winter. It also makes it much easier to apply foundation with a flawless finish, so there’s definitely a bonus to using it.

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