Did you know that sleep is a remedy for stress?

Unfortunately, stress is a part of life. At some point, everyone experiences stress. Physical, emotional and other types of stress take their toll on our minds and bodies. That’s why sleep is so important. Sleep is an antidote to stress.

Our bodies use sleep to recover and regenerate. While we sleep, our bodies perform important restorative functions. Our brains rid themselves of toxins and sort out the events that happened during the day. Our bodies also repair and regenerate. It’s pretty amazing how much our minds and bodies stay active even when we sleep.

Stress affects the mind and body

Stress takes its toll on our mind and body. Stress causes the release of cortisol, a powerful hormone that triggers the fight or flight response in our bodies. This hormone can cause overwhelming sensations in the body, increase blood pressure and trigger feelings of anxiety. Healthy sleep helps lower cortisol levels and balance brain and body chemistry. Chronic stress without adequate sleep can increase the risk of heart disease and stroke.

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Stress affects our mood

Stress affects our mood. When we are stressed, we tend to overreact or underreact. This can lead to an onslaught of problems. Living in a heightened sense of worry or anxiety can cause us to eat too much or too little, emotional outbursts or withdrawal, or a wide range of other behaviors. After a long day of stress, the best thing to regulate mood swings is a restful night’s sleep.

Stress affects our relationships

Stress changes the way we relate to others. When we are anxious, fearful or overwhelmed, we find it harder to be present and relate positively to others. Whether co-workers or family, stress can destroy relationships if we’re not careful. It can help to separate ourselves from others and take some time for ourselves. Sleep provides a significant amount of time to recharge and be ready to face the world again. Just relaxing in bed before bed can help recharge your batteries and make it easier to get along with others.

Sleep is the antidote for stress

Sleep is a wonderful antidote to a stressful day. Relaxing in your bed and letting go of the worries of the world can give you a new perspective and renew your spirit and energy. Sleep can be the escape you need from the pressures weighing on you and give you the uninterrupted time to recover. Making sleep a priority, including naps when needed, can help your mind and body recover from stress and handle difficult situations more easily.

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