6 Surprising Tips that Help You Stress Less and Sleep Better

Going to bed stressed will not help you fall asleep. If anything, stress leads to insomnia and a terrible night’s sleep. Doing everything you can to reduce or eliminate stress before bed can make a big difference. Activities like keeping a journal before bed and a bedtime routine can help, but there are other ways to reduce stress so you can sleep better.

Top tips to help you stress less

Stress comes from all corners of life. From problems at work to family dysfunction to general worries, they all add up and are a major cause of stress. Here are some tips that will help you stress less.

Take action – Much of your stress comes from not taking action on important issues. Whether it’s procrastination, avoidance or downright laziness, failing to get things done in life can cause stress. Learn to take action and cross things off your to-do list so you can reduce stress in your life.

Learn to let go – Disney hit a nerve with their hit song “Let it Go”. Learn to let go of what you can’t control to reduce stress. When you give up the need to control and stop getting upset about things you can’t control, you can reduce a significant amount of stress.

Take things one day at a time – there is only so much you can do in a day. When you finish your day, accept what you have accomplished and be proud. Put your worries aside, knowing that tomorrow will take care of itself. Learning to compartmentalize your fears, anxieties and worries one day at a time can help you deal with each day as it comes and rest each night when the day is over.

Create an oasis in your bedroom – Your room should feel like a retreat from the world. Create an environment where you can feel relaxed and refreshed. Your bed should be comfortable, your bedding should feel luxurious, and the temperature should be comfortable. Create an environment where you feel comfortable and relaxed, and you will fall asleep and stay asleep with ease.

Use sounds to help you sleep – Some people like sounds when they sleep. White noise can help you sleep more deeply if you tend to be a light sleeper. A fan or white noise device can help with this. There are also apps that can create ambient sounds like the jungle, winter storms, or the sounds of a coffee shop to lull you to sleep and keep you asleep.

Weighted blankets – People who suffer from anxiety and stress can find relief with weighted blankets. These blankets offer a home version of deep pressure therapy and provide relief and deeper sleep. The blankets are available in a variety of sizes and weights and are suitable for children and adults.

A restful night’s sleep is easier to achieve when you manage stress and create an environment conducive to sleep. Combat the thought of stress before bedtime and make sure your room is designed for optimal rest. The two tactics go hand in hand and can greatly improve your ability to sleep, even if you live with a large amount of stress.

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