Top 5 Places for Preserved Roses to Boost Elegance in Your Home

Throughout the world, the rose stands for everything from innocence to intrigue, from purity to passion, from friendship to fascination, from new love to eternal longing. Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, is often depicted with roses. Indian mythology says that Vishnu formed his bride from rose petals. In 19th century Europe, bouquets of roses conveyed messages of love, lust and devotion. The rose stands as a symbol in the world’s greatest love poems and works of art. But the flower itself has always been elusive and fragile. Until now.

Receiving roses makes everyone feel loved and appreciated. Their beauty transforms your space and brightens your day. But when they wilt in a few days, it almost feels like it never happened, right?!

Le Jardin Infini (“the infinite garden”) features real roses picked at the time of their perfect bloom and dipped in a non-toxic formula to preserve their natural beauty – all year long! With no maintenance required, all you have to do is find the perfect spot in your home and enjoy their beauty and splendor.

Preserved roses are gaining in popularity, and it’s so easy to see why! They are gorgeous, long-lasting, and require little to no maintenance!

Looking to up the elegance factor in your home? Preserved roses from Le Jardin Infini are the perfect option. They smell great, because they are real roses, and they look so chic in their package!

To start, greet guests as they enter your home with a gorgeous bouquet of preserved roses in your foyer. Le Jardin Infini flowers can sit elegantly on a foyer table to add a delicate pop of color to your entrance.

Make an impact in your family room or living room by placing a box of preserved flowers on your coffee table. Preserved roses get lots of compliments and are a great conversation starter when guests visit! Choosing colors that match your room’s accent colors are guaranteed to turn heads and get those tongues wagging!

All it takes is one memorable decorative piece to set the mood for a meal. Preserved bouquets of flowers on a dining room table add a touch of romance and sophistication to the space. My bouquet from Le Jardin Infini was perfect for my dining room table, since it was both charming and the perfect size to allow cross-table conversation.

The bathroom is one place that should be as elegant and relaxing as possible, since that’s the place you practice your skincare and cleansing rituals. A beautiful Le Jardin Infini rose bouquet on the bathroom counter has an elegant allure to take your cleansing routines to the next level and to keep your mood on an elevated plain!

Finally, place a bouquet of boxed preserved flowers on your night stand in the bedroom. It’s the perfect little pick-me-up to start the day when the alarm clock rings in the morning. In the evening, as you drift off to sleep, you’ll enjoy the relaxing aroma of the beautiful flowers beside your bed, just like Cleopatra did.

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