The Surprising 90 Calorie Bar that replaces your Espresso

With as much caffeine as an espresso, Verb Bars uplift you to a perfectly balanced energy level. They use caffeine from organic green tea for an all-natural energy boost without any jitters.

They use exclusively gluten-free, vegan ingredients that you could find in your kitchen

Soft, slightly crunchy, and bursting with decadent flavor. 90 calories and the perfect amount of sweet will keep those hangry stomach growls at bay while delivering a crave-worthy snack, every single time. Only 90 calories and small enough to stash in your pocket for energy on-the-go!

Fuel your active lifestyle

Start your journey with Verb by trying four of their flavors:
Get Maple Blueberry, Coconut Chai, Salted Peanut Butter, and Simply Cocoa

Try Verb, Risk-Free

Free Shipping
Includes:+ 12 Bar Pouch in the flavor of your choice+ 4 samples of our other delicious flavors

Verb Bar Starter Kit $8.95 You save $16.05 with code VERBFAMSK

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