Is your skincare waterless? If you love your skin, the answer should be YES!

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This is the 2nd bottle I’ve purchased of this Cell Active Face Serum because I love it & the company so much! The gel-like texture feels heavenly and my skin only continues to get healthier and more rejuvenated. I had a rash on my face and this even helped to heal that, with no scarring left behind from the rash!

Oliveda Face Serum

If you love your skin, you shouldn’t use 95% dead fillers in your skincare, as 99% of all cosmetic brands do. Instead, choose to love yourself and your skin with 95% bioactive ingredients in the form of Oliveda’s highly effective cell juice (hydroxytorosol) from their thousand-year-old mountain olive trees instead of dead water!

In addition, you will be providing for people who lack the most elementary thing: WATER.

The water that Oliveda deliberately does not use for their skincare products instead flows to the people in Africa. With every product you buy, a donation goes to the well project in Africa!

Make a difference in your skin and on the planet.

use code WATERLESSMARITZA to save 43% at

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