The real reason why crash diets NEVER work, and why this No Exercise No Diet Solution is PROVEN to work

Many desperate people resort to crash diets in the hope of losing as much weight as possible in the shortest possible time this way. Perhaps they have already successfully lost weight with this type of diet in the past, or they have read about a new diet that a celebrity used to lose weight quickly. So what’s wrong with crash diets? Is there a reason why they have such a bad reputation?

The most obvious problem with crash diets is that the weight loss is almost always temporary. When you suddenly switch to a restricted diet, your body responds by retaining less water. You lose weight and are less bloated, meaning thinner, but you don’t necessarily lose fat. When you stop dieting, you immediately gain the weight back.

Of course, you may lose some fat depending on the diet you are on and how long you keep it up. However, the body often goes into starvation mode on these diets. It thinks that a famine has broken out, and should slow down the metabolism and store as much fat as possible to brace itself against the hard times ahead. If you increase your food intake, even if you do so in a healthy way, this starvation metabolism can persist and cause your body to regain all or part of the weight.

There is also the psychological effect of stopping a crash diet. Whether this happens at the end of the planned diet or out of desperation in the middle of it, it usually leads to overeating. For this reason alone, many people who crash diet find that they are heavier a month later than they were before the diet.

In addition, there are some significant health problems with crash diets. First, diets aimed at rapid weight loss are usually very restrictive about the types of foods you can eat. Many foods (and sometimes entire food groups) are left out. This is not something you can sustain over the long term without getting deficiency symptoms. It’s also not good for your body in the short term.

With many crash diets, you don’t get the nutrients your body needs. You can take supplements, but many supplements rely on substances in whole foods to work optimally. A nutrient deficiency leads to cravings, making it harder to stay on the diet and increasing the likelihood that you’ll break out in a binge. At the same time, you may be consuming more nutrients than is healthy.

In summary, crash diets can only ever be a temporary solution, for example, if you need to lose a little weight for a specific event and don’t mind gaining it back – and more – afterwards. The healthiest way to lose weight is to make changes that allow for slow weight loss within the context of a healthy eating plan that doesn’t completely ban any foods, but allows for occasional treats. In the long run, people who crash diet are likely to gain weight instead of losing it.

I recommend My Weigh Less (save 5% with my EXCLUSIVE discount code BEAUTY5) if you’re serious about wanting to lose weight. And here’s why this downloadable weight loss program works.

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The treatment is successful because, unlike other weight loss methods, My Weigh Less (save 5% with my EXCLUSIVE discount code BEAUTY5) is a purely psychological approach. So it helps to permanently change your relationship with food. Since obesity can be mainly a psychological problem, we need to address it properly. Physical interventions such as stomach reduction, food deprivation or exercise alone therefore rarely provide a long-term solution. At the bottom of this page you will find a link to a short video explaining the treatment.

The treatment is successful because it takes a unique approach that combines several different scientifically proven therapies. For example, My Weigh Less (save 5% with my EXCLUSIVE discount code BEAUTY5) uses cognitive behavioral therapy, clinical hypnosis, neuro-linguistic programming, and their very own pause-button therapy. They can reprogram your entire relationship with food to help you make lasting changes. The result is that you no longer eat when you are bored, sad, lonely, depressed, tired, or to please someone else. 

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The treatment is successful because My Weigh Less (save 5% with my EXCLUSIVE discount code BEAUTY5) uses their own hypnosis scripts for weight loss. The short, clinical hypnosis sessions target the subconscious mind. The result is a significant and lasting change in your eating habits and behaviors related to food. The changes occur quickly and almost effortlessly. In contrast, changing habits and behaviors can be particularly difficult and time-consuming if you rely solely on making a conscious effort to do so.

So does the My Weigh Less (save 5% with my EXCLUSIVE discount code BEAUTY5) course work?
With a little self-effort, yes it does! So allow them to help you achieve your weight loss goals. The twelve sessions will teach, inspire and guide you on your path to lasting weight loss. The course consists of much more than just the twelve sessions: It is your master class for permanent weight loss. You can read all the details about the course content on their website My Weigh Less (save 5% with my EXCLUSIVE discount code BEAUTY5).

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Over the past ten years, more than a thousand people have experienced My Weigh Less’s weight loss therapy. On the Success Stories page you will also find a selection of verified before and after photos and the stories of clients who have lost their weight. My Weigh Less sessions are designed to mirror in-clinic treatment. So to answer the question, “Does the My Weigh Less course work?” I believe it works.

Marion and Martin, the founders of this program, have spent thousands of hours in individual therapy with people who, like you, may want to lose weight. During the twelve course hours, they share with you all their unique approaches, tips, techniques, and even a few little secrets to losing weight. You can repeat one or all of the sessions as often as you like, wherever you’d like.

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The My Weigh Less (save 5% with my EXCLUSIVE discount code BEAUTY5) course is based on Elite Clinics’ successful GMB treatment, which would have cost up to $2,995 plus flights and accommodation. In comparison, the MWL course includes all the components of the GMB treatment for a total price of just $399.00. You can also purchase the course as a single session at a cost of only $39.00 per session. We believe this is a good investment for anyone who is serious about managing their weight. Check out the video below to learn more.

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