The Power Of Writing Your SMART Goals Down And Reviewing Them Regularly

Studies show that writing down your SMART goals and reviewing them regularly will increase your chances of success. In fact, some studies show that you are 42% more likely to achieve your goals if you write them down. Writing down your goals will help you get a clear picture of your plan and what you want to achieve. Writing down your goals will also help motivate you to complete the tasks necessary to succeed in your goal. Reviewing what you have written regularly will remind you of your plan and remind you of your “why,” which in turn will increase your motivation to keep working toward your goal.

Writing down your goals helps your brain encode the plan and solidify your goal. Just by writing down an idea, you are more likely to remember it. This is why students take notes in lectures because when they take notes, they are much more likely to remember the information. Similarly, if you write down your goal, you have a better chance of success. After you write down your goal, you should place it in a place where you can easily see it. Places like the refrigerator, phone, mirror, or desk are great places to easily see your goal. The sight of the words you wrote down will remind you and motivate you to continue with your efforts.

Not only will you be reminded of your goal by seeing the words written down, but you should also take the time to actively review your goal. By actively reviewing your written goal on a regular basis, you increase your chances of success. When actively reviewing your goal, you should also think about the reasons behind your motivation for the goal, your “why.” Reflecting on why you set a particular goal will increase your motivation by reminding you why the goal is important to you, why you set it, and what you hope to achieve. Revisiting your goal will give you a new sense of purpose and incentive, which will ultimately increase your likelihood of success.

Countless studies show that writing down goals leads to higher success rates. Keeping what you’ve written down in an easily accessible place and reviewing it frequently will help ensure that you achieve the SMART goals you’ve set for yourself.

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