The Power of Licorice for Skincare Benefits

In addition to its soothing, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, licorice is also thought to be effective in fading unwanted skin pigmentation & age spots.  Soothe your skin with licorice in our Italian green mandarin with sweet lime facial toner. Pangea products are skillfully formulated to amplify hydration and support cellular regeneration by feeding the skin... Continue Reading →

Pangea organics wins again!

We are thrilled to announce that the Pangea Organics' 2014 Product #Catalog has been selected as a winner of the #GraphicDesign USA Health & Wellness design #award. GDUSA is the leading news magazine for graphic designers & other #creative professionals. This #competition recognizes the power of graphic design that fosters health & wellness in our... Continue Reading →

Pregnancy skincare

Is someone you know #expecting? Do they know that up to 80% of whatever they put on their skin will be absorbed into their bloodstream & possibly to their baby?  #Shower them with #nontoxic #PangeaOrganics products!  I recommend our #Brazilian #BrownSugar & #cocoabutter Body Polish - It feels #amazing & can help prevent #stretchmarks! ... Continue Reading →

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