Experience a traditional Moroccan Hammam at Home!

I've always enjoyed learning about & experiencing the skincare traditions of various cultures. I'm super excited to tell you about @zakiasmorocco Hammam Travel Kit, which includes Moroccan Black Soap, Ghassoul Clay, Argan Oil, and Kessa Exfoliating glove. This it lets you experience the benefits of the traditional Moroccan Hammam in your own home. They have... Continue Reading →

Want a Free Smart Toilet Seat?

The Bathroom That Takes Care Of Itself, AND Takes Care Of You The Shine Digital Toilet Seat automates all your tedious bathroom tasks while using integrated technology to monitor and improve your health   You spend 2 years of your life on a toilet seat design that hasn't changed in over a century.  Enjoy 21st-century... Continue Reading →

Enter to win over $4000 in baby prizes!

This giveaway is hosted by Weespring, not me.  From the weespring giveaway page: "WHAT YOU’LL WIN A FLEXIBLE & SAFE THULE SLEEK STROLLER Thule has been a world-renowned name in the active family space for years—if you needed a multi-sport bike trailer or backpack carrier, Thule was your go-to. And now they’re launching their brand new stroller,... Continue Reading →

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