The Surprising Reasons Why There is an Inverse Relationship Between Habits and Willpower

It's difficult to maintain willpower over a long period of time. Yes, we can stick to a low-fat 1000-calorie diet and starve ourselves for a week or two, but at some point our willpower fades. And yes, we can do hateful exercises for a while… until we run out of willpower. But what about getting... Continue Reading →

How To Use Gratitude Meditations & Affirmations To Boost Your Spirit Anytime

You have probably heard of both meditations and affirmations, although you may not know exactly what they are or how they work. They may even seem a little too new to you, but do not underestimate their power yet. These two practices are actually quite simple to supplement your routine or even to use in... Continue Reading →

Helpful Tips To Tap Into The Power Of Being Grateful

We have reached the end of our mini-challenge, and we have dealt with quite a lot of information. You have learned why acknowledging, embracing, and expressing gratitude are so important. You have also learned some concrete ways to begin a practice of gratitude in your own life. I would like to go into this in... Continue Reading →

I Dare You To Find Something Random In Your Environment To Be Grateful For

If you are still undecided whether to begin a practice of gratitude for yourself, I would like to present you with a simple challenge. Find for today only one random thing in your environment for which you can be grateful. This is a low-input activity that can be a good way to give new impetus... Continue Reading →

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