Top 3 Tips for Conditioning Your Hair in the Winter

A major thing to focus on if you want to use more natural hair care products in the winter is adding moisture. This includes not only using a quality conditioner, but also using some additional natural products that will moisturize your hair to reduce dryness, breakage, and frizz. To start, make sure you use conditioner... Continue Reading →

I’m loving Southern Grace & Home! Save 10%

Being Southern is, well, a way of life.  Southern Grace & Home's goal is to help you bring a personalized, Southern, graceful flair to your home, your wardrobe, your jewelry box, and your gift-giving.  With an ever-changing selection of on-trend clothing, jewelry, monogrammed gifts, accessories, and home decor, they strive to be that cute boutique... Continue Reading →

I Tried Halara Leggings and They’re Soft as Clouds! Save 30%

I'm in love with this new brand Halara !! It's SO soft and affordable, I've been living in my sets!! Here are 6 outfits I got from Halara. Which one is your favorite? 🙌 Whether I'm relaxing, doing yoga, riding my bike, or walking, I love wearing these leggings and tops!! They fit great... Continue Reading →

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