Top 5 Sustainable New Year’s Resolutions

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Looking for eco-friendly New Year’s resolutions? We have a few that can help you start a more sustainable year. Give them a try!

2023 could be the year you begin your journey to a more sustainable lifestyle. While this may seem like a big undertaking, you don’t have to change everything right away. Start with small adjustments so they feel like a natural part of your life, and grow from there. By starting right at the beginning of the new year, you can figure out what works in your life and what might take some getting used to. Don’t worry if you’re not living your greenest life by the end of January – keep going! Making the switch to a sustainable lifestyle can take some time. Below are some ways you can get started this January.


The new year might be the right time to downsize your home. While it may be nice to have a big house with lots of space, it won’t help you live sustainably. Clutter in your home can cause unnecessary stress in your life. In the new year, you can downsize your home by getting rid of unnecessary items or moving to a new home. A smaller home with less clutter can provide more order and help you live an eco-friendly lifestyle. Since you won’t have the space in a new, smaller home to take everything you own with you, you have the opportunity to take inventory. Once you know what you own, you can organize it by importance. If you are going to declutter, consider which items are most important to you. Look at what items you use the most or that have the most value to your life. This will also force you to rethink what you currently consume and how you consume in the future. You should also look for new uses for household items you already own, or donate them if possible. This way, when you part with things, less waste is produced and those items get a new lease on life.

If you’re looking to downsize by moving into a new apartment, consider how much space you actually need. Perhaps you initially invested in a larger apartment because you had a lot to store or simply needed more space. After decluttering, look at how much space you have left to determine how much space you really need. Determine how much smaller your home should be and how much you want your mortgage to be if you downsize. Save the extra money to make your new home more efficient. Choosing a smaller home can help you live a more sustainable life and cost less in the long run. You’ll save on energy consumption, including heating and ventilation costs. The money you save on utility costs can also be used for other projects to improve your home’s energy efficiency and make it more efficient.

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Automate your home

You can make your home more efficient in the new year by reviewing your current utilities and making modern changes. Although most of us rely on electricity and running water to live a functional life, there are ways you can take control of how you use your utilities and save money in the new year. Automate your home by updating your systems. The temperature in your home, lighting and water tanks are a few areas where you can save money and energy. Smart thermostats and lighting can help you stay on a set schedule to avoid unnecessary consumption. If possible, consider installing a tankless water heater to prevent additional water loss and keep costs down. By avoiding unnecessary consumption and creating schedules that fit your lifestyle, you can save energy in your home and lower your utility bills.

A fully automated home can also help you keep up with your appliances and monitor how they’re working. Many of these upgrades allow you to check device functions on your phone, giving you more access and control when you’re not home. The less you have to worry about making sure your devices are being used properly, the less you have to worry about wasting. Inside the Secret Space Program | Cosmic Disclosure

Go zero waste

The beginning of the new year can be the kickoff to your waste-free journey. You should start with small changes so you don’t feel too overwhelmed. Avoid external waste, such as food packaging at restaurants, by bringing your own reusable containers when you eat out. If there is not yet a plastic bag ban in your country, you can start the trend in your area by bringing your own reusable shopping bags. Getting into the habit now can also save you some change, as many states now charge a fee per bag at stores. Another way to cut down on waste is to substitute disposable items for reusable ones, such as paper towels for dish towels or sponges for washcloths. These reusable items can be used multiple times and washed easily. Applying little zero-waste hacks can even save you money in the long run, because eliminating disposable items from your daily routine can save you extra money in your grocery bill.

Once these little tricks become second nature, you can add more ways to cut waste into your year. If there is a zero-waste store near you, try buying your essential groceries there. This way, you can bring your own packaging and get the right amount of produce for your lifestyle, not just a generic bulk. Also, try to reuse anything you would normally throw away. For example, a candle jar can be reused as decorative storage when the wax is used up, and a pasta jar can be cleaned out and used to store leftovers. Living waste-free in 2023 can help you keep your life uncluttered and sustainable.

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Switch out supplies

While it’s easy to buy multiple products, such as cleaning products or makeup and hair care products, finding alternatives or multiple uses for these items can reduce waste by adding more packaging. It can also be a healthy alternative to your current products! Cleaning products, for example, usually contain many toxic chemicals, some of which are only there to preserve the products. By using a different cleaning product, you can keep your home clean while removing unnecessary toxins. An example is white vinegar; it can be used as a general cleaning agent and is good for floors, bathrooms and kitchen. It is a versatile product that can also be used for cooking, making it a real all-rounder.

If you’re changing your makeup and hair care routine, it’s an inexpensive way to remove unnecessary ingredients from your life. You can use cocoa powder as an easy alternative for eye shadow or eyeliner. Swapping dry shampoo for cornstarch is another easy way to use a food in a different setting. These are just a few ways you can replace store-bought makeup in your routine to create a stunning look that’s free of added chemicals. Since all of these products are also used in the kitchen, they are versatile, making them an ideal product for a sustainable lifestyle.

Become a conscious consumer

A sustainable lifestyle doesn’t end with getting rid of unnecessary items and replacing the most important things in your home with new ones. It continues with being aware of what you are buying and how it will impact your life and your goal of a sustainable lifestyle. Think about how the past and future of the items will affect the purchase. Fast fashion is an easy way to keep up with trends, but it’s also a lot of waste in the long run. When you buy clothing from a reputable, high-quality brand, you get clothing that will last a lifetime or more. Making sure that the clothes you buy are of good quality will help you in the long run. You don’t want to buy a reusable tote that will break after the third use, you want to make sure you get the most value for your money. Make sure your purchases last, just like your resolutions for a more sustainable new year. - Answer The Call

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