The Shocking Reason Why You NEED to Try Oliveda Skincare

I’ve been using this incredible trio of gifted skincare products by Oliveda and I can honestly say I am impressed! (I got these for free but these opinions are honest and my own).

99.9% of all conventional skincare products are made with 70% water, but Oliveda substitutes the usual water content AND the standard percentage of refined and thus “dead oils” in skincare emulsions with the highly potent, bioactive cell elixir from the core of thousand-year-old mountain olive trees, which keeps the cells alive for 4,000 years, and Arbequina oil, which is similar to the lipids of our skin and supports its regenerative power.

What a difference it is to replace this 70 % water component with the beauty elixir of the olive leaf. This is not olive oil but rather an olive leaf elixir, which is up to 3000-times more concentrated, the effectiveness of which protects our cells just as perfectly as that of the olive tree and allows it to live up to 4000 years – with the highest vitality.

Because of this unique holistic formulation, their products (good for all skin types) have up to 95% more potency than traditional skincare products, visibly counteracting redness, irritation and pigmentation, ensuring a fine-pored, radiantly beautiful complexion!

Each formulation absorbs nicely into my skin without feeling greasy or sticky. They feel gentle and leave my skin feeling velvety soft, smooth, and glowing! A little goes a long way, too!

The Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream moisturizes the delicate eye area, tightens it and reduces lines and small wrinkles as well as puffiness.

The Anti-Aging Face Cream is a light day cream that refreshes and plumps up skin.

The Cell Active Face Serum (my favorite of this trio) helps even out the tone and texture of skin.

I highly recommend you try these or any of their other skin and body formulas. You’ll love them & might even want to become a member of “OLIVE TREE PEOPLE” by becoming the proud owner of your very own 100-year-old mountain olive tree in Spain! (I’m actually considering it!)

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