LEOKIS Cat Litter Mat Review

Yes, I'm a CatMom.  I have 3 beautiful fur babies, and I love trying out quality products that make them happy, healthy and cute.  I was able to test out the Leokis Cat Litter Mat at a discount, and we loved it! As a CatMom, I want what's best for my fur babies.  As a... Continue Reading →

Zum Face Review

As you know I love skincare products that contain natural ingredients, so I was thrilled to be able to try out some Zum (rhymes with mum, come, from, and bum) Face products.  They are made by Indigo wild, based out of Kansas City Missouri. All of their products are made in the USA, are vegetarian, vegan... Continue Reading →

Zum Face Charcoal Sugar Facial Scrub

I love exfoliating.  Exfoliation is a key element of any effective skincare regimen. This is how you remove the dead skin cells off your body so that your healthy skin can receive the nutrients it needs to replenish and heal. It can also then adequately and efficiently absorb any new healing ingredients you put onto... Continue Reading →

It’s Filter Friday

​#filterfriday Oh snap it's (Filter) Friday!  Our brains are often on auto-pilot (90% of our actions - #subconscious) which can lead to a lot of repetitive tasks that may not help us reach our #goals.  Today, do a personal #retrospective. Note where you thrived & #filter out what you don't need to repeat next week.... Continue Reading →

I can’t live without this Charcoal Facial Mask!

About the Product: Kaeng Raeng Cleansing Clay Detoxifying Charcoal Face Mask (2 oz)  Unique Activated Charcoal and Clay base attracts and absorbs toxins and impurities from the skin. Mineral rich Himalayan salt provides superior exfoliation leaving your skin feeling ultra smooth and renewed. Our proprietary blend of essential oils provides a spa like aromatherapy experience.... Continue Reading →

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