Blended Juice Proven to Be Far Healthier Than Cold Pressed

**********reblogged from Jus By Julie Blog ******************* If you're a regular juicer, or someone who drinks juice to add more fruits and vegetables to your diet, you may want to take note of the process used in making it. Cold pressed juices have long been the popular choice among health buffs, but now we're seeing... Continue Reading →

7 Tips That Will Make Your Juice Cleanse Easier

*reblogged from JusByJulie Blog Starting and getting through a juice cleanse can seem like a daunting goal considering you'll be drinking your meals for at least one day. That's why we tapped JUS by Julie founder and certified health coach Julie Maleh for her most helpful tips on how to make the juice cleansing process easier.    KEEP THE EXERCISE... Continue Reading →

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