The Lambo is here! Take your pet with you!

I do a lot of travelling, and I always wondered what it would be like to take one of my cats with me.  After all, they are part of the family and they might want to explore new places with me, too.  I was so excited when I was chosen to review the Lambo Premium Pet Travel Carrier Backpack by Pet Magasin for free in exchange for my honest opinion.  I like that it is soft-sided and the cushion on the inside is very soft.  My cats loved it.

This brand always makes excellent quality products.  I wanted a carrier that could also carry on my back and this makes It easy to do so.  The straps are sturdy but comfortable, and the cats love it.  The kitten even likes to hang out inside of it when it’s on the floor.  The Lambo carrier conforms to the dimensions that major airlines allow for carry-on, and it is airline -approved.

When I took her outside while inside of this on my back, she stayed calm and seemed to enjoy the view.  The expandable sides are great so she can see outside and have extra room for moving around and get enough air while I use it as a backpack carrier.  Plus when you put it on the floor it’s a portable kennel once the sides are expanded.  It is easy to remove the cushion to wash or to scrub the outside if it gets dirty.  There are plenty of pockets along the outside and even a side zipper where you cat caress your pet or have him/her stick his/her head out.  It is comfortable and easy to carry either with the shoulder strap or the short handle strap.   I definitely recommend this! It’s like having 3 products in one!

Get yours here:

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