I Am Beauty Watch Me Soar! Skincare, Beauty, and Wellness 2020 Annual Planner

This 170-page planner will help skincare and beauty enthusiasts (both advanced and beginners) to get organized, gain clarity and perfect their wellness routines by providing comprehensive planning sheets and exercises.


Inside You’ll Find:

❤️2020 Goals & Yearly Planner
❤️ Quarterly Goals
❤️ Quarterly Challenges
❤️ Quarterly Workout Planners
❤️ Monthly Planners
❤️ Monthly Self Care Planners
❤️Monthly Self Love Affirmations
❤️ Monthly Notes
❤️ Weekly Planners
❤️ Weekly Beauty Rituals

Yearly, quarterly, monthly and weekly planners and goal trackers will help you:
❤️Gain a clear vision of how to achieve your goals
❤️Stay organized
❤️Learn routines you can stick with

4 Quarterly Challenges: 

❤️A 30-day Beauty Challenge – starts January 1st!
❤️ A 30-day Skincare Challenge 
❤️ A 30-day Wellness Challenge
❤️A 30-day Journal Challenge

A note from Dr Maritza Baez, author of I Am Beauty Watch me Soar!

The first thing you notice as you go through this book is that this isn’t like a traditional planner at all!It’s actually way more than a planner.

You are actually holding a complete program to help you get organized, gain clarity, and create major breakthroughs in your skincare, beauty, and wellness.

This planner is a product of over 25 years and thousands of hours of practicing what I learned from CEOs, chemists, doctors, aestheticians, and other experts.

It puts together all the secrets that we need to elevate our wellness routines.

Overall wellness incorporates self-care as well as skincare. Discovering the beauty within yourself and around you is the ultimate goal of wellbeing.

Please use this planner as a way to document your journey with skincare, beauty, and wellness. I also created some valuable resources linked on my website for you to utlitize. The BeautySkincare and Wellness Resources pages link to some of my favorite rituals I have discovered over the years that have elevated my own journey.

May your discoveries be epic and your transformations be awe-inspiring!I’d love to hear from you so please send me a message. 

Ready to get your own Skincare, Beauty, and Wellness 2020 Annual Planner? 

To celebrate the launch, when you purchase a planner between now and December 25th, I’m also throwing in 3 bonuses…

Bonus #1: I am so excited to share the Power of Gratitude. The very many powerful health benefits to a regular gratitude practice along with some tips and thoughts on how to cultivate a grateful heart. You’ll get INSTANT access to this special report.

Bonus #2: An I am Beauty Watch Me Soar! pencil, folder, or notebook (I’ll reach into my bag of goodies and mail you one of the above. *USA Addresses ONLY, while supplies last

Bonus #3: Join the Exclusive Facebook Group full of like-minded beings who are courageously stepping up and challenging themselves to stay focused and consistent, and to create new skincare, beauty and wellness rituals. Get EXCLUSIVE tips, resources, and guidance from me to get you through your Quarterly Challenges!

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