A Cool way to Keep Your Laptop from Overheating

In case you missed it, I’m a physician. This means I spend my life on my laptop for paperwork.  If you’ve ever used a laptop, you know it can start to get hot after a while.   Many laptops overheat because the fan on the bottom is blocked, and the hard drive can then quickly fail. Here is something you can easily use to keep the air flowing under your laptop to keep it from overheating.

The Premium Portable Cooling Stand By Device Stand is a life saver!  It is super easy to use and they are so portable they fit in your pocket or laptop bag! Forget about conventional cooling stands. They may cut it for home or office use, but when it comes to portability, they’re just too bulky for travel.   Those other bulky and impractical cooling stands and device holders are really only good if you’re sitting at a desk, but The Premium Portable Cooling Stand By Device Stand is the best for watching videos on your tablet at a better angle, typing on your laptop more comfortably, or just for cooling your gaming console.  This unique cooling stand will get the job done effectively, neatly and efficiently.


Using it is a breeze; all you have to do is attach the magnetic stickers onto the bottom of your electronic devices. Device Stands are then attached magnetically to the adhesive stickers.  Removing them is even simpler – just pull them away and throw them in your pocket.  Now THAT’s portable!  You can have all 4 on at the same time or you can have only two so that your laptop is at an angle.


By keeping your electronic device elevated and maximizing ambient airflow circulation under the laptop, you can help prevent your device from overheating that tends to happen when it’s on solid surfaces, and can even drop its temperature by up to 5 degrees – without even using a fan or requiring power!  What this means is that the risk of overheating is decreased multiple times over, saving you a ton of money on device wear and possible damages!




Forget about fancy device holders with distracting LED lights and noisy fans. Device Stand eschews all these to focus on utility, and how to get its job done as effectively as possible.

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