Top 5 Winter Wellness Hacks

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Let’s not kid ourselves: Winter can be brutal. It’s cold outside, and the apartment feels like a meat locker. But there are ways to fight off the cold and stay healthy in the winter. These tips will help you avoid feeling sluggish or weak, physically or mentally (and yes, your feet are important!). We’ve compiled some of our favorite tips to help you stay warm this winter:

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Warm your hands and feet.

● Put on socks and gloves.

● Use a hand warmer.

● Use a foot warmer.

● Use heating pads and hot water bottles.

Put on layers.

You can’t avoid the cold, but you can do your best to make it bearable. Wearing multiple layers will allow you to adjust your temperature as needed and stay comfortable until your body adjusts. Here are some additional things you should wear:

● A hat and scarf are a must this winter season – not only will they keep your ears warm, but they also make a great fashion statement!

● Socks or booties are another essential piece of gear when it comes to staying warm outside in the winter (and at any time). Pair them with leather boots or shoes to keep them from slipping off as you walk around town all day!

● Gloves keep your hands warmer than bare fingers on cold days on the street; however, depending on where you live, there may not always be enough natural heat from nearby buildings, so even this type of glove may need extra help over time to keep you comfortable.

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Drink more water.

● Drink more water.

● Drink water before and after meals.

● Drink water with every meal.

● Drink water when you are thirsty, even if it is a meal! You’ll find that your cravings for sugary treats disappear because your body needs less sugar to function properly – and if you’re doing something active, like exercising, the stress your body experiences from the exertion can also lead to dehydration!

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Get out in the sun.

Sunlight is one of the most important things you can do to boost your health and energy levels. It’s not just about providing you with vitamin D, but also regulating your body temperature, which helps you feel more energized throughout the day. Research has shown that people who get at least 15 minutes of sunlight a day are less likely to suffer from depression than people who get no sunlight at all!

Sunlight also affects our sleep patterns – and this is especially important in the winter months when it gets dark earlier and stays dark longer (causing us to miss out on much-needed natural light). When we don’t get enough sleep due to a disrupted circadian rhythm (the 24-hour cycle in which our brains cycle through wakefulness and sleep), our bodies can’t metabolize food properly and can even become inflamed due to the lack of rest – increasing the likelihood that we’ll develop an autoimmune disease like multiple sclerosis or lupus.

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Treat yourself to a massage.

A massage is one of the most relaxing activities you can do. It’s also a great way to reduce stress, relieve pain, and improve your sleep quality.

If you’re looking for an effective wellness hack for winter, treat yourself to a massage every day this season!

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