101 Uplifting Things to Do While Self-Isolating During COVID-19 Pandemic

The coronavirus has undoubtedly shaken the world and brought us to a point where we can no longer participate in activities that used to be part of our daily routine. Our way of life has been completely turned upside down and we have stayed at home for an unexpectedly long time.

Whether we are working, studying or just lazing around, somehow the days just seem longer. So what do we do now with all the time we have with our families, alone or with our families who can’t go out except for the most basic necessities? Surely we can use this time better.

Let us take it as a break from the world! We can be at home all the time, and isn’t this what we thought we wanted until a month ago? We can spend as much time with our family as we want, which, as many of us realize, is not all it seems to be! But hey, we can make the best of it, right?

So how about something to help you get through this time and not go crazy? This could be the perfect article for you! I’ve listed 101 ways that you and your loved ones can be entertained while you try to get through this barrier… and maybe reading this article could be the beginning of something great!

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1- Create a schedule:

The first thing you should do is make a schedule. You don’t want to spend this time doing nothing productive and then end up regretting it when it’s over. So start by dividing your day into parts, and create a tentative schedule that should include both productive and lazy hours. Get a good night’s sleep and then indulge in activities that will make you happy, keep you healthy, and add spice to your life. My 170-page planner will help you to get organized, gain clarity and perfect your routines.

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2- Organize your space:

Messy and untidy rooms can make us feel overwhelmed and lethargic. If you work or study at home, choose a place and organize it like an office. A clean and tidy room will increase your productivity. Use the extra time you’ve been given to tidy up the space you’ve been needing for ages – cupboards, drawers, kitchen cabinets, free space – the list is endless. Why not turn a free space into a luxurious walk-in closet / dressing room for yourself or an office, so that you don’t have to use the dining table!

3- Stay physically active:

Physical activity is not just about keeping fit – it also keeps your energy levels high. When gyms are closed, you can walk or run in the neighborhood as long as you stay away from others. Exercising at home is also an option and much easier these days. There are exercise channels on TV, and you can watch fun exercise or dance routines on YouTube to keep fit.

4- Stay socially connected:

In this day and age, I don’t need to tell you to keep in touch. Social media is probably everyone’s cup of tea in this time of isolation. But if you are usually overwhelmed by the amount of texts, emails and notifications, this could be a good time to reconnect with old friends, reply to unanswered texts and empty your bulging inbox. It can be refreshing to get in touch with other people who are isolated elsewhere. Try an app like Houseparty, which has been taking the world by storm since the Corona virus!

5- Look out for others:

Maybe it’s not usually in your schedule to help people, but this might be a good time to think about yourself and see if you can’t do more. Since older people are most at risk from this virus, you can help them get food, medicine, or other necessities that they might need.

6- Donate:

There are many people who have lost their source of income due to Covid-19 with no end in sight, so it would be a good idea to donate money, clothing and food to them. Do you have a local food bank or charity that is crying out for supplies? Here are some of my favorite local COVID-19 relief charities:

Kaleida Health COVID-19 Response Fund

WNY Feeds the Front Line

New York State COVID 19 Funds

7- Take a break from the people around you:

It is not possible to spend every waking hour with our families or roommates, so now that we are in this situation it can be hard not to break out. Take some time and do things that will make you happy on your own and suggest the same for the people around you. It will prove to be positive to create a balance

8- Accept the circumstances:

Perhaps the hardest part of isolating yourself is accepting the fact that right now It will end, but chances are that it will last longer than we expect. Looking ahead to next week in the hope that maybe you can return to normality is not a positive thing. Make the circumstances your own and use the ideas in this book to turn a negative into a positive.

9- Wash your hands:

Perhaps the most important part of this self-isolation is to protect yourself from infection with Covid-19. Wash your hands as often as you can and advise others around you to do the same. According to the guidelines, each wash should be done with soap and hot water and should last 20 seconds for it to be effective. Also keep a distance of 2 meters or 6 feet between you and anyone outside your isolation zone with whom you may come into contact.

10- Raise awareness:

Every day we hear in the news about people who don’t seem to know the rules or who deliberately ignore them. So while you isolate yourself, play your part in raising awareness around you of why isolation is important. Raise awareness of the corona virus in the social media and inform your fellow human beings about how the virus spreads, what the consequences are and what precautions you can take to avoid it. Raising awareness is the first step in fighting the virus. 

11- Clean up:
Does your “chair” have more clothes than usual these days? Do you have drawers that are difficult to close? It’s probably time to tidy up the house when you don’t usually have time. Clean up the mess, clear out storage space and enjoy the result.

12- Reorganize something:

This is probably the best time to mix up some of the things in your home. Reorganizing rooms can keep you busy and give things a new look. Start by rearranging your wardrobe, maybe your bedroom, and then move on to places like the kitchen, living room, or even the garden! Changing the layout of a room can be fun and exciting. You’ll be surprised how much space you can create if you rearrange things a bit.

13- Treat yourself to some pampering:

Does your normal daily routine leave you little or no time to take care of yourself? Then consider this isolation a blessing. This is probably the best time to sit back and relax with a cleansing face mask, bathe your feet in a tub, and enjoy a spa day just for you. My free beauty ritual tracker has helped me stay on track to keeping up my pampering time. Get yours for free below!

14- Treat yourself to a manicure:

While you are pampering yourself, a manicure or pedicure can be relaxing and make you feel good. Your nails probably need some care after being neglected due to a busy schedule, so it can be very beneficial to give them attention now, resulting in nails you can be proud of. Even if you’re not going out, why not show them to your friends online?

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15- Sort out your paperwork:

Not many of us have neatly packed binders to keep our bills, receipts and certificates. This might be the best time to sort them and organize them as you see fit. Order a few boxes or a small filing cabinet online to keep all your paperwork neat and tidy. You’ll thank me when the time comes that you need to find your insurance policy or birth certificate!

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16- Split the tasks:

Housework is not easy for anyone, and with more people spending more time at home, the number of chores increases dramatically. Instead of leaving most of the work to someone else, you should make a list and divide the tasks in the house among everyone at home. If everyone does their share, no one will feel they are being taken advantage of.

17- Clean your telephone:

I’m not talking about dipping your phone in a tub of water and scrubbing it to keep it from getting infected with Covid-19. I mean cleaning your phone from all the unnecessary data it might be hoarding. Delete your junk email, all the pictures and videos forwarded by WhatsApp, and the screenshots of conversations you sent to your friends a long time ago.

18- Catch Up on Emails:

Not every email can be deleted – some emails even need to be answered. We all have far too many emails in our inbox that are unopened or ignored. With all the extra time you have available, this would be a good time to empty your inbox and check for missed emails from old contacts.

19- Video Call your friends

Although we know that we cannot really meet our friends in self-isolation, we must not forget their faces. Facetime with someone you miss, or send a message on Whatsapp for a group call (Didn’t know it was possible? Well, it is possible, and now you have the time to find out how it is possible).

20- Call your grand/parents/mentors:

Let’s be honest, we “think” we always “mean” to call our grandparents/parents/mentors, but somehow we don’t seem to get around to it often enough. So what better time than this to call our elders who don’t live with us? Catch up with them, keep them busy, and look after them. Everyone will benefit.

21- Listen to your elders’ stories:

Asking your grandparents/elders about their past can be a great way to get them talking! Maybe your grandfather was drafted in the war, or your grandmother was on the front line and treated soldiers in a medical camp. This can be a fascinating conversation that you will cherish long after they are gone. While you’re at it, why not start a family tree and create a permanent family record that you can pass on to future generations.

22- Find a new hobby:

It’s unfortunate that our regular routine doesn’t allow us much room to explore our personalities. Perhaps this is the perfect time to do something we’ve always wanted to do. Be it painting, knitting, crocheting, making jewelry, writing; there will be no better time to try them out. If you isolate yourself with others, why not think of something you can teach each other?

23- Self-reflection:
Very few of us find time for yoga or meditation in our busy lives. But perhaps this time can be used for self-reflection and contemplation of our lives. Sit for an hour every morning on the balcony or in the garden to meditate and do some yoga to feel fresh and happy.

Top Tips for Thinking More Positively Every Single Day

24- Pray:

If you are a spiritual person or believe in God, this time could be useful. Many people feel disconnected from their spirituality due to a busy schedule, so this might be a good time to get down on your knees and try to reconnect with your faith and your Creator.

25- De-Stress:

The present circumstances have left us all with a sense of concern. Some breathing exercises or meditation to calm the nerves will help to reduce the stress. During this time, keep calm and participate in activities that will relax you, so that panic does not spread… Yoga, Tai Chi, mindfulness. We may not be able to stop Coronavirus, but we can certainly combat the stress.

26- Become a plant parent:

We’ve all probably bought a plant at some point in our lives that has died at some point from neglect or lack of care. Now is the time to work on your parenting skills! Maybe it would not be wise to give birth to a child now, but that shouldn’t stop you from adopting one or two plants. Find your inner green thumb and start gardening to work on self-isolation.

27- Plant a vegetable garden:

You may not be able to go out and buy new seeds or plants, but everyone has vegetables or fruit in the house to eat. If you collect their seeds and plant them in your garden, flower pot or flower box, you could start your vegetable garden, which could be quite successful in the next few months and provide you with fresh produce.

How does your garden grow?

28- Spend time with your pets:

If there is one creature that doesn’t mind all the time you spend at home, it’s probably your pet. It may not bother your cat as much, but your dog is probably having the time of his life. Take this time to play with your pets as much as possible, give them some love and just be busy keeping them happy!

29- Teach your pet tricks:

If you’re stuck at home with your pets, take the time to teach them a new trick. Most animals are smarter than we think. Teach your dog, cat, or even your hamster how to shake hands, turn around, or do some other interesting trick. Who knows, when the quarantine is over, you might apply for a TV talent show!

30- Read a book:

There’s always a book we’ve all wanted to read and that we’ve had on the shelf the longest. Now you can finally get around to reading it. This is the perfect way to stimulate your mind and keep your mental health in balance. Why not gather a group of your friends together in an online book club or simply exchange suggestions for books that everyone has enjoyed.

31- Try a magazine:

Maybe a long novel is not the ideal reading material for you. If you prefer something lighter and shorter, you can try reading a magazine. We all have old magazines, and any form of reading is enough to keep you mentally active.

32- Try audio books:

Maybe reading is not your thing, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy exciting stories or knowledge. The Internet is a sea of information, and nowadays it is so easy to get your hands on an audio book. Listening to an audio book can also help you multitask or you can relax while you try to fall asleep. Listen to Audiobooks on Libro

33- Freelancing and earning from home:

This might be the best time for you to earn some money on the side. Leave your savings untouched and try to get through this time by earning as a freelancer. There are many freelance jobs on the Internet, including writing, designing, proofreading, recording audiobooks and, if you have a great voice, voice-overs. Check out the listings on Fiverr.com to get an idea of what you could offer. Then google how to get started successfully.

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34- Try a new recipe:

Whether you’re a cooking fan or not, you have to cook to stay alive. So how about instead of the same boring pasta or casserole, try a new recipe from Pinterest that everyone in the family wants to try! Choose something that is easy to prepare with the available supplies and you’re ready to go. Cooking will keep you busy, while a full stomach will make you and anyone you isolate yourself with happy. Here are some of my favorite recipes that I’ve created:

Guava and Mango Smoothie

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Vegan Keto Recipe: Garlic and Chive Cauliflower Mash

Keto Recipe: Loaded Cauliflower Au Gratin

Easy Keto Egg Roll in a Bowl

Keto Recipe: One-Skillet Mozzarella Chicken Thighs

Easy Corn Salad Recipe

Vegan Recipe: Fresh Tomato, Avocado Garlic & Basil Pasta

Home-Made Vegan Banana Guava N’Ice Cream

Vegetarian Stuffed Pumpkin Recipe

Vegan & Vegetarian Recipes on Pinterest

35- Binge-watch a new show:

Whether it’s because of our tight schedules or lack of free hours all at once, it’s almost impossible to watch a TV show in one go unless you stay up all night. However, self-isolation has left us enough time to indulge our binge needs, and this would be the best time to start and finish a new TV series without being interrupted in the middle!

36- Movie time with the family:

There’s nothing like a good movie to bring the family together without actually interacting. Spread out the floor cushions, close the curtains, make popcorn and put on a blockbuster movie to create a cozy home theater. Pick a movie that everyone will enjoy and keep everyone occupied for a while.

37- Use a paint brush:

Painting is commonly known as therapeutic and something to indulge in, to spend some time alone. You don’t have to be a Picasso to pick up a brush – you don’t even have to show it to someone when you’re done. You can just paint to relax. Let your hand take the lead and let your creative juices flow. You might even find that you have an undiscovered talent and can sell your art.

38- Learn how to paint:

There are many media when it comes to creating art, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be a brush. You can learn to draw in self-isolation if you do not already know how to draw. Find a free online tutorial and don’t limit yourself to pencils – maybe choose something else – pens, felt-tip pens, charcoal, chalk, or even colored pencils.

39- Get creative with craft activities:

There are many ways to express your creativity. Maybe this is the ideal time to take a look at your saved Pins on Pinterest and participate in some DIY activities. Make yourself a candle, gather up some old clothes or try your luck at pottery if you can find some clay. Do-it-yourself is an easy way to get the whole family involved and get involved and have fun at the same time. Look online for some fun activities and try them out. You can try out balloon animals, make gruel, make dough to play with, or search for “printed material” – printable activity pages like crosswords, sudoku, mazes, coloring pages, and more.

Check out these coloring pages!

40- Redecorate your house:

Are there corners in your house that you always wanted to look a certain way? Or maybe your room is not quite the way you want it to be. Redecorating your house could be a good way for you and your family to keep busy. Use the resources you already have, put up a few lamps, bring in a plant from the outside, paint a wall or even an entire room. There are many ways to make your home look like new again.

41- Bring out the board games:

At some point in our lives, we all stopped playing board games, and now they’re probably just sitting on a shelf gathering dust. Well, maybe now’s the time to clean them up and bring them out again. Board games are a great way to involve the whole family, whether they are children, adults, or even teenagers! It could be an entertaining pastime as long as no one turns the board over in the end!

42- Completing a puzzle:

We all have a puzzle lying around the house that we could never find the time for. Well, we think this puzzle should finally see the light of day. You can do it on your own or have your family help you. It doesn’t have to be the biggest puzzle in the world like this one, but you can finally bring yourself to complete this puzzle.

43- Bake some treats:

Everyone loves the smell of fresh-baked cookies or brownies in the house. If you decide to bake some treats in self-isolation, no one will mind. Use it as a form of therapy and bake sweet or savory treats that you and your loved ones can enjoy.

The Perfect Spicy Sweet and Spicy Dessert – Apple Oatmeal Cookies topped with Jalapeño Fig Jam (Vegan & Gluten Free)

Pumpkin Cinnamon Sticky Buns

Flower Power Cake Recipe

44- Listen to a podcast

Everyone uses isolation to their advantage and it is safe to say that you will probably never find it easier to choose what you want to listen to. Whether it’s a scary story, a stimulating lecture or a comedy podcast, listening to a podcast can be a great way to pass a few hours or multitask, and it will also stimulate your brain. I prefer to discover free podcasts at Google Podcasts

45- Watch an informative documentary film

Not all of us are capable of working from a distance, but that doesn’t mean our intellect should be compromised. There are other ways to expand our learning, and watching an informative documentary can be one of them. Whether it’s about animals, nature or part of history, documentaries can be a productive way to spend your time.

46- Netflix to your heart’s content:

You’ve been adding to your Netflix list and it’s growing all the time. There are too many movies and shows you’ve always wanted to see, but couldn’t find the time. Well, this is the perfect time to clear this list so it’s fresh and clean for the new season! Watch Netflix as often as you want when you’re in self-isolation-no one can stop you! 

47- Sing on your balcony:

We have all seen the videos from Italy and Spain, where people in isolation sing, dance and play instruments on their balconies. This involves the whole community. Well, who says that only Europeans can do that? Go to your balcony or porch with an instrument, play your favorite song or dance for everyone. But don’t blame us if all you hear in response is “Shut up!”

48- Nap:

Need we say more? We’ve all spent hours since childhood looking for the opportunity to take a nap. No sleep at night can compete with a nap that you accidentally take when you’re tired while sitting on the sofa. This is the best time to sleep as much as possible when you can!

49- Sell unused things on the Internet:

When cleaning or renovating your house, have you found things you haven’t used for a long time or that you have never used before? Why do you leave them lying around and take up space? Sell them online through any website such as eBay, Gumtree, Craigslist or a local sales website. This could be another great way to get the money you need. Or, better yet, donate them to someone in need.

50- Play games with your family:

Maybe it’s time to return to the era of no internet, no landline, and no self-entertainment. Involve your family in hearty games that are sure to make everyone laugh. This could be Marco Polo, hide-and-seek, card stacking, chess, checkers, a hula-hoop contest, or any other game you enjoyed as a child. Whether you have children in the family or not, this could be a fun way to spend some time together.

51- Play games online:

We don’t have to be stereotypical players with expensive consoles in our house to enjoy a game online. Many games can be downloaded to your phones or laptops, allowing you to play with strangers on the Internet or even with your friends. This could be a great way to spend time virtually with your friends when you can’t see them face to face. Some of my favorite online games are Bingo Blitz and Words with Friends. What about you?

52- Indulge in arts and crafts:

If you have children in the house, arts and crafts are a fun way to get everyone involved. Maybe there are some outstanding Father’s Day or Mother’s Day gifts that need to be made. A little paper, glue and some paint can help you when it comes to arts and crafts. There are also many mature forms of arts and crafts, such as jewelry making, crocheting, macramé, origami and papier-mâché.

53- Have a picnic:

No one can stop you from going into your own backyard. Grab a basket, make yourself some sandwiches and head outside for a nice family picnic. This could be a fun outdoor activity without actually going outside. Play some outdoor games and sports, like baseball or frisbee, and make it fun for everyone.

54- Camp outside:

In extension of the picnic idea, you may be able to camp without actually going anywhere. Set up a few tents in your own backyard, gather your family and melt some marshmallows on a small fire. Tell ghost stories to each other, and as the pollution from quarantine decreases, you might be able to see a few stars.

55 – Photograph sunsets and sunrises:

Photography may be a hobby or profession for many, and although we may feel isolated at home, the subjects of photography may not be so simple. However, this should not stop you from continuing to photograph. Photograph sunsets, sunrises and views from your own house and garden so that you don’t have to stop.

56- Do a photo shoot:

Maybe you don’t have the perfect view of a sunset or a sunrise, or maybe you just don’t enjoy photographing them, but that doesn’t mean that your photography should be put on hold in isolation. There are a variety of photo hacks on the Internet that can create interesting backgrounds and lighting to make your photo shoot a success.

57- Get editing:

If you are a professional or aspiring photographer, you will no doubt have a phone or PC full of photos that you probably haven’t found the time to edit. This might be a good time to open it now and find your favorites. Edit them and put them somewhere where everyone can enjoy them. Do you also have lots of old photos in drawers and boxes? Order photo albums online and organize all those old photos. You won’t regret it if you can pull out these albums at any time to view them. Digital photography is great, but it’s so nice to flip through an album of old photos. I like using Crello, a free online graphic design tool, to edit photos or graphics.

58- Play a trick on your family:

A few laughs here and there might lighten the mood. Play a friendly trick on your fellow housemates. I don’t want you to fake your death or anything serious, but if you feel bad, you can try changing the Wi-Fi password to really freak people out!

59- Practice your makeup skills:

Practicing make-up on yourself can be difficult, especially if you’re aiming for a professional look. Your sisters probably don’t let you practice on them during their normal routine, claiming that they are “too busy”. Well, now they have no excuse! This might be the best time to find one from your family to practice your make-up skills. Or follow the tutorials on YouTube to perfect some looks when you’re let loose on the city again…

60 – Take on a YouTube challenge

You may not have a YouTube channel or an audience that wants to watch you, but it can be fun to engage you and your loved ones in an exciting YouTube challenge. The Internet is full of ideas: the Bottle Flip Challenge, the Try Not to Laugh Challenge and the Yoga Challenge, to name just a few. Just look them up.

61- Build a fortress:

Building forts or caves is something from our childhood. We all enjoyed laying out cushions, laying a tablecloth over 2 chairs and playing make-believe games. It is time to reminisce and build a cave for ourselves. You can really take self-isolation to the next level – a few warm lights, some cozy blankets, a good book, and you won’t want to leave for a week.

62- Learn a magic trick:

Maybe with this self-isolation, you can indulge your quirky side. There’s nothing like the good old hat trick to surprise people. With the help of the Internet, you can learn simple magic tricks at home. When you get the hang of it, it will amaze not only you, but also those around you.

63- Find your inner author:

Maybe you can try writing from home. Start with something simple, like keeping a diary, maybe documenting your day. If you don’t like that, you can try writing a short story or even a book! And if you are really ambitious and want to write poetry, that can also be a good idea.

64- Start a blog:

If you believe that writing is your true vocation, you can start a blog. There will be no better time than now to find an audience while more people are searching online for things that interest them. Your blog could be about anything: Your thoughts when you’re in quarantine, your experiences, stories, anything.

65- Start an Instagram page:

Everyone has an instagram page for themselves or their family, even their pets. But how many of us have instagram pages where we show our talents? Maybe this would be a good time to find some self-confidence and share your artistic creations, photography or poetry through an Instagram page.

66- Learn a new language:

Maybe you are already bilingual or maybe even trilingual, but there is nothing wrong with learning another language. Language can be a great skill for your resume. So use this time to start learning a new language and really make your time in self-isolation count. Join me for free on Duolingo, and let’s see how far you can get!

67- Take part in online courses

While we’re on the subject of learning, why not find a new course to take online? If you are not already taking online courses, it might be useful to take a course on a topic related to your field of work or study. You may emerge from self-isolation with a new skill. What about learning sign language, coding, copywriting, another language, negotiation strategies, the list is endless and many are free – do a Google search for something you are interested in.

68- Learn a new instrument:

We wouldn’t recommend you buy a new instrument while you’re isolating yourself, but if you have an instrument lying around the house, maybe your father’s old guitar or a dusty old piano, this might be a good time to try your luck and see if you’re good at it. With online resources like tutorials and websites, learning can be easy. Give it a try and you might surprise yourself. Here’s me practicing my keyboard:

69- Expand your taste in music:

When it comes to music, we all have our favorite types and artists. But maybe now is the time to listen to the song your friend suggested or that keeps popping up in your YouTube recommendations. Maybe it’s not a bad idea to expand your musical taste, and this is the perfect time to give it a try.

70- Record a song:

If you like to sing, but have not yet tried your luck further, this might be a good time to refresh your singing skills. Record a song and post it on social media so your friends will appreciate it. Here’s a song I recorded on Smule. What do you think? Come join me! It’s free!

71- Write a song:

If you already play an instrument or feel inclined to write poetry, you can try writing a song. If it’s just a text, you might be able to collaborate – send it to a friend who already plays music, or if you play an instrument, you could write the music for yourself.

72- Play video games:

This is the perfect time to spend as much time as possible at your consoles without the threat of guilt over homework, deadlines or upcoming tests. You can challenge your family members to a competition or even challenge your friends via online gaming. It can be quite competitive, so if there is already tension during isolation, it might not be advisable!

73- Play card games:

Maybe this would be a good time for a family card evening. It can be pretty competitive, so make sure everyone is prepared to lose at least once. Even if you isolate yourself, there are many games you can play, from solitaire and chain solitaire to Idiot (yes, that’s what they really say). Research online how to play. You can also download apps to your phone or laptop to play card games online – Mah Jong is a favorite.

74- Shop online:

This could be a tough time for shopaholics or those who like to go to the mall for fun. In self-isolation, you can still get a buzz to go shopping. Find a reliable online store that others have already used or that has good reviews and get your shopaholic running yourself. Replace old things that need replacing, or treat yourself to something nice – but only if you can afford it.

75- Get to know new software:

If you’re technically savvy or interested in computers and technology, this is a good time for you to download new software to learn. You can choose something that would help you in your study or work area.

76- Watch home movies:

If you and your family are looking for things to do together while you are stuck at home, watching old home movies can fill a few hours. We all have old cassettes or CDs from when we were kids and actually enjoyed being in front of the camera. When we watch them together, we will laugh and be nostalgic.

77- Find old photographs:

On the subject of nostalgia: If you don’t have home movies, maybe you have a box full of old photographs somewhere that have been left untouched for years. Looking at old photographs can be just as entertaining as looking at old photos. Show a picture to show your friends how cute you were as a baby! Want to use those photos to make a free 8 x 8 photo book? Click Here


78- Make a collage:

To prevent your old photos from being put back into boxes, you can make a really good use of them by making a nice collage of them and framing them to keep them somewhere in the house. Then you can see them every day.

79- Starting an art journal:

Collages don’t have to be aesthetically pleasing or dignified enough to be hung on the walls. You can start by creating an art journal, which essentially means that you stick anything you find interesting into a journal, such as pictures, newspaper clippings, or even dried flowers. Art journals can be a fun way to remember things.

80- Make a Memory Box:

If you want to remember certain things from your life but are not sure how to do it, you can make a Memory Box. A Memory Box can contain memories of moments in life, such as a plane ticket from an exciting trip or a receipt for something special you bought, or a ticket stub from a concert you enjoyed. Memory boxes are always fun to look back on.

81- Listen to old music:
We all have old songs and music to which some memories are attached, though not all as pleasant as others. But it is always fun to relive those positive memories and listen to songs that you may have enjoyed in elementary school or college with friends or family. It can be a lot of fun to sing with the people around you or to get your friends to do it with you via video call.

82- Do a karaoke night:

You can have a fun karaoke night at home with your family or roommates. All you need is the Internet for instrumentals of your favorite songs or famous songs that everyone knows, maybe even songs you remember from the old days. It can be a nostalgic and fun experience for everyone. Here’s a Karaoke night I went to with some friends. LOL!

83- Invent a new dance routine

Dancing is a passion for many people, and it’s also a great way to move or just release some pent-up energy. If you are not already a dancer or are learning to dance, it can be fun to create your own dance routine. It will help to lift the mood in the whole house, because, hey, who doesn’t love an emergency dance party?

84- Learn a Tik Tok dance:

With the modern age of social media and the blissful existence of apps like Tik Tok, the Internet is invaded almost daily with a new Tik Tok dance routine or challenge. Though it may be worth a shudder, it can also be fun in an ironic way if you’re looking for ways to entertain your family, friends, or even your followers!

85- Make a pen pal:

These days not many of us have spare stationery or stamps lying around the house, but that doesn’t mean we can’t improvise! There are modern methods for everything, and that includes writing to a pen pal. If you can’t write letters, it might be fun to find an online friend you can communicate with via email or social media, especially if he or she is from another country.

86- Read more about history:

Is there a chapter of history that particularly fascinated you during your studies in history class, but you couldn’t find the time to delve deeper into it? Well, now you can. Expand your knowledge and learn about historical events and iconic times in history that caught your eye.

87- Cut your hair:

Maybe you’re not a hairdresser and you’re not even good with scissors, but since salons and hairdressers are closed, cutting your own hair may be the only option if your hair has become too unruly. You can view online tutorials to guide you in trying out a new haircut. And if something goes wrong, don’t worry; with a bit of luck it will grow out again by the end of the quarantine!

88- Build a family tree:

You may not have found the time before to create something like a family tree, but it can be very useful if you are trying to connect with your ancestors or find your family line. Maybe someone in the future would thank you for not allowing important family history to be lost. Sit down with your parents or grandparents and try to learn as much as you can about them and create a family tree. There are many online tools that can help you do this.

89- Learn more about your ancestors:

While you are tracking down the long line of family members, you may try to find those who have very little information about them. Ask the older members of your family if they can find old magazines, certificates, or letters that can give more insight into the people in your bloodline. I explored my DNA with 23andMe. Learn what your DNA has to say about you. Use my link to get up to $90 off your 23andMe kit now!

90- Create an app:

If you are familiar with software, technology or computers and are able to create an app, this might be a good time to give it a try. Find a topic that interests you, or an idea that you might have about an app that no one has created yet. Use your knowledge to create it and share it with your friends and family to download and try it out.

91- Make a formal evening:

Staying home could make you lethargic, and finding the energy to get out of your pajamas might seem like hard work. So how about declaring an upcoming evening a formal evening and getting everyone to dress up and give it their best shot. Cook delicious food, set the table nicely and make it a dinner night, just as you would if you went to an expensive restaurant.

92- Make s’mores:

Who says you have to build a fire outside to enjoy s’mores? S’mores on the stove is an easy way for you to eat them at home. Bring some marshmallows, graham crackers and chocolate and cook marshmallows on your stove so everyone can enjoy them. Of course they wouldn’t have the same effect as on a camping trip, but it can still be really fun. (If you’re in the UK, you can use digestives or rich tea biscuits).

93- Play indoor sports:

Maybe you can’t go outside, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t be athletic and find your inner athlete. You can put up a basketball net in your house or driveway. Make some space and put together teams where everyone can participate and have fun. If you fear that something might break, you can stick to real indoor sports like table tennis and badminton. Stay active to keep you fresh and happy.

94- Go live on Instagram:

Since your options will soon run out, it might be a good idea to take your Instagram live. You can go live and even invite others to join your session. Interact with your followers, tell them funny stories, and even play games with them so everyone can have fun. It can be very fun to do this with your friends.

95- Do a Vlog or video:

If impromptu entertainment like Instagram Live is not really your thing, you can try recording a video or vlog for your social media. It doesn’t have to be serious or even a script. It could just be you recording interesting moments of your day, making funny challenges or telling jokes to your family!

96- Do a movie marathon:

While watching a movie is probably the first idea that comes to mind; doing a movie marathon with some of your favorite movies can be another way to have fun. Some notorious movies that have many roles, like the Harry Potter movies or the Lord of the Rings movies, make good film marathon footage. You can do it alone or with your family members, and we can almost certainly guarantee that everyone will enjoy it.

97- Make use of Netflix Party

Not everyone knows this, but even if you’re not with friends, you can still find a way to watch movies with them. Netflix has an extension on Google Chrome called Netflix Party that lets you and your friends watch the same movies from home. You can play and pause at the same time to stay in sync, while a chat bar on the side allows you to chat while playing.

98- Empty your fridge or freezer

Why not use this time to empty your fridge or freezer of all its old contents. Find hidden things that you may have frozen months ago, but forgot. You can now make them accessible to everyone, and it can also help you with cleaning.

Printable Pantry Supply Journal
Pantry Supply Coloring Journal pages. You’ll find 17 uniquely designed pages that you can write on so you know exactly what you have on hand plus you can have fun and color the pages too!

99- Watch funny video compilations:

We could all use a laugh at this very stressful time, and instead of panicking, we should focus our attention on something nice on the Internet. If you look around, you will find many funny video compilations of animals and people doing funny things, intentionally or accidentally. They can be very entertaining.

100- Make a bucket list:

While you are in self-isolation, your mind must be teeming with thoughts about all the things you could have done while you were “free” but didn’t, or all the things you wish you could do. Write them all down in a list and make it your “bucket list” that you can try to reach when the isolation is over.

And finally…

101- Make resolutions:

It may not be New Year’s, but who says you can’t try to turn over a new leaf? Write resolutions that you can achieve during self-isolation and try to implement them at home, for example, lose weight or learn something new. It may well be that you will come out of this quarantine as a completely new person!

The Essential First Step to Reaching Your Goals


By the time you reach the end of this post, I hope that you will have actually tried all 101 ideas. It may seem like an impossible undertaking to fit them all in during this time, but once you start, you will realize how beneficial they can be to you to take a fun and productive break from your normal routine.

As we try to work on ourselves, we should not forget the real reason for self-isolation. Keep yourself and others around you safe while you try to get through the quarantine unscathed. While you enjoy your free time, learn about the corona virus and ways to prevent its spread.

Try to sensitize your fellow human beings as well, so that self-isolation is no longer necessary. And while we are stuck in it, use this post to make the most of your time. Create a balance between fun and productivity, and you will overcome isolation quite easily!

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